Who are we?

Classic Car Wiring was founded by John Anastasio in 2001. Over the years we have grown to become the largest classic car & truck color wiring diagram vendor in the world. Our diagrams have been available for purchase on our own website and ebay since 2001, on amazon since 2009 and through some of the largest aftermarket parts suppliers for close to 15 years (Classic Industries, Ecklers, Ames, Camaro Central, Chevy 2 Only, NPD, OPGI, etc). For many years we've been a 5 star Powerseller on ebay, amassing over 25000 positive feedbacks on that platform alone. Our diagrams have shipped to dozens of countries worldwide, from Argentina to Japan and many points in between. Car Craft, Mopar Collectors Guide and Southern Wheels have featured us over the years in their magazine.

How big are the diagrams?

We generally do 11" X 17" or 18" X 24" laminated. We can also do 24" X 36" not laminated. Here's a video comparison: https://www.instagram.com/p/BJQuZ-5Amt0/

Do we make harnesses?

No. There are a lot of companies out there that do and I can't recommend one over the other since I have never dealt with any of them.

Where does Classic Car Wiring get it's info?

We have hundreds of factory service manuals, aftermarket manuals and training books that have been acquired over the years. Our diagrams are not just reprints, they are custom drawn professionally laid out schematics with ease of use and accuracy in mind.

Do you make anything for cars past 1982?

Not at this time. As of 2021 we are actively working on bringing some car and truck lines up to the early to mid eighties (Chevy and Ford Trucks, El Caminos, Malibu, Camaro, Mustang etc) The advent of computers and advance electronics in cars has made the electrical systems vastly more complicated and difficult to fit into our format. Using Corvettes as an example, a complete 69 Vette wiring diagram fits on one 11"X 17" sheet with a few accessory systems on a second page. An 81 Vette needs four 11"X 17" sheets placed side by side to see the whole car at once, and two more sheets for the accessories. 

Will the diagram show any aftermarket upgrades like HEI, 1 wire alternators or under dash a/c units?

All of our diagrams are based off of stock specs only. If your car originally had a 6 volt system, then the diagram will show 6 volt. Same goes for points type distributors, pre 1966 cars without hazard lights, early 50's cars that did not have factory turn signals, etc. It is safe to assume that if it was not factory installed, it won't be on the diagram. Call or email with specific questions. At the bottom of this page are links to pages that discuss 6V - 12V conversions, MSD ignitions and 1 wire alternator conversions.

Why do some options not appear on the diagram?

Unfortunately, there were many options included on cars that no information was printed for. Many times this seems to be the case for hood tachometers, and gauge package options on GM cars. This is also true for many 50's & 60's car radio options. Some of them were listed in separate Delco manuals but not all. Over the years I suspect the factories lost this information figuring that none of us could care about how to wire a reverberator in an old Chrysler.

Why don't you have one for my car?

Most likely one of two reasons: We either didn't get to it yet, (we have about 1000 different models & variations available) or we can not find decent reference material to create a good diagram. We are always adding more vehicles to the list, let us know what you need.

Where's the Internationals, early Dodge Trucks or early Jeeps?

All of the International reference we have seen over the years do not give color information, same with the early Jeeps. As far as Dodge trucks, we have a few pre 1961 diagrams. Demand for these are low and obtaining original reference has been a challenge.

How do I know if my Dodge or Plymouth has a rally dash?

Your dash will have a tachometer (RPM's), clock or combination of the 2 and an oil PSI gauge. You would also usually have a 150 MPH speedometer. Non rally dash cars have the little red light that comes on to tell you that you have no oil pressure. (not a good thing!)

Are HEMI car diagrams different?

In most cases, yes. If you have a pachyderm in your garage, let me know. I have the different diagrams available for most of them

Is everything laminated?

Yes, even the posters.

Why not just email or fax them?

Our distribution and legal agreements allow for printed product only. The full size print and lamination makes our diagrams stand out from the various photocopies and free crap floating around the Internets.

I want to convert from 6 Volt to 12 Volt.

I recommend reading this: http://www.oldengine.org/unfaq/six12.htm

I want to upgrade to a single wire or internally regulated alternator.

Great information here: http://www.madelectrical.com/electricaltech/onewire-threewire.shtml

My car has an MSD ignition system, do your diagrams show how to wire this?

Diagrams will only show the stock wiring, you can get official MSD Tech info here: https://www.holley.com/support/ignition/